Student Leadership

At St Patrick’s we believe leadership is integral to lifelong learning. We aim to provide opportunities for students to demonstrate and develop leadership skills and to empower students to contribute to a positive school culture. Positive student leadership opportunities and experiences will facilitate the transition to secondary school and the world beyond. Student leadership at St Patrick’s is driven by a strong sense of social justice through the service to others.

School Leadership

All Year 5 students are eligible to become student leaders for the following year. A leadership day will be facilitated during Term Four each year. Following the leadership day, the Year Five students will have the opportunity to contest the following leadership roles: School Captains, Leaders of Mission, Stewards of Creation and Sport Captains.

Students nominating for a leadership role are required to deliver a speech to the students and staff, outlining why they would be a suitable choice. The student leaders will be announced at the end-of-year presentation ceremony and will be presented with a badge at the Mass to mark the beginning of the following school year.

Student Leaders perform a number of ceremonial roles on special occasions. They meet and liaise with the Year 6 teachers and principal. The leaders are responsible for setting a good example of being responsible, respectful and safe at all times.

Student Leaders have responsibility for running daily school assemblies, running fortnightly Awards Assemblies, the care of sports equipment, maintaining house enthusiasm in sporting activities, putting up the flags daily, representing the school at community functions eg ANZAC March, organising fundraising for social justice issues and ensuring environmental initiatives are given priority.

The job of being a school leader is quite busy, but it is a privilege to serve the community in so many ways through the Spirit of Jesus by being kind, compassionate, forgiving and being just.