The staff at St Patrick’s are driven by a deep belief that every student is capable of successful learning in a safe, supportive and inclusive environment. Teachers are committed to building responsive evidence-based practices, which are defined across the whole school.

A list of staff for 2024 can be found below:

SCHOOL EXECUTIVE                                               

Principal: Miss Lucy Harvey

Assistant Principal: Mrs Janine Schneider

Religious Education Coordinator: Mr Daniel Lockwood

Senior Office Administrator: Mrs Rachelle McKenzie

Priest: Fr Gerard Mackie


Mrs Claire Browne

Mrs Louise Stewart

Mrs Sharon MacNevin

Mrs Janine Schneider

Mr Daniel Lockwood

Mrs Liz Walker

Miss Chloe Murray

Mrs Cheryl Ogden

Mrs Fiona Walker

Miss Emma Wakely  

Teacher Librarian

Mrs Karen Devlin

Library Assistants

Mrs Penelope Hale

Gifted Education Mentor:

Mrs Jo Simes

Learning Support Teacher

Mrs Jo Simes

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Lynne McMaster

Mr Will McMaster

Mrs Kylie Kearney

Aboriginal Education Teacher

Mrs Karen Devlin and Mrs Anne Turner

School Psychologist

Mrs Krystle Perrin

EALD Teacher

Mrs Anne Turner

Pastoral Care Worker

Mrs Fiona Walker


Miss Melissa Slater